Welcome to the home of Hallowed, an Aion community on the server Kahrun. We are a mixed PvE and PvP Legion, with the main focus on progressing as a unit and experiencing all the game has to offer.
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 Valrans Epic application

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PostSubject: Valrans Epic application   Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:56 pm

Name: Adam

Class: SpiritMaster

Level: 14 atm

First of all, tell us a little about yourself. Age & location are good starting points, but feel free to add whatever you want.
I am 16 years old and i live in england
I am currently going to college on an IT course

On to your character. What role & talent-spec do you normally play?
Usualy a stealty class like on wow i was a combat rouge but i fancy a change so i rolled spiritmaster, Ownage

What do you expect from us? TO GIVE ME YOUR SOUL
I mean erm, to enjoy the game with the guild also to help people out and have a laugh. And hopfully take part in end game content with you guys.

Mention some past MMOrpg experiences (E.G Raiding Experience etc)
I used to play WoW alot as a Rouge and i have run Uldar 10 and a bit of uldar 25, I love raiding as it adds new chalanges to a game.

Do you currently know anyone in the legion? If so, who?
I dont realy know anyone in the guild atm but i seem to get along with everyone

PvP or PvE? And why.
Pve ofc, Although i do like a little PvP on the side Wink

Tell us a funny joke.

A man with no arms and no legs is out lying on the beach one day, enjoying his chance to get some sun. All of a sudden, a beautiful woman walks by and stops. "You poor man," she says. "I bet you've never been kissed have you?"

The man has to admit, no, he never has, so she bends down and plants a good one right on the mouth.

A few minutes later, another gorgeous babe walks up. "You look like you need a hug," she says.

He agrees that would be nice, she gives him a great one, and walks away.

A few minutes later, a drop-dead gorgeous girl walks by. She stops, a sultry smile on her face and looks down at him.

"Mister," she says, "Have you ever been screwed?"

"No," he says with a hopeful grin.

"Well, you are now. The tide's coming in."

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PostSubject: Re: Valrans Epic application   Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:58 pm

Accepted as a Trilol.
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Valrans Epic application
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