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 Calling all Chanters!

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PostSubject: Calling all Chanters!   Thu Oct 01, 2009 11:40 am

Hi all, Nezra here. Just taking a minute to welcome you all to our class forums, you can post any class queries or anything class related whatsoever. My first impressions of a chanter are that they are clearly a strong buffing character (Duh) but offer formidable damage, so far it seems that whilst leveling you should try to acquire 2 different sets of gear. One for healing which will include mana stats and mainly cloth gear and another set of chain gear for easier leveling. The majority of the chanters attacks seem to be melee so wearing strong armor will make leveling a lot easier, where as in group situations you shouldn't take damage if you are healing. Seems like it will be a fun class =) If you ever need anything, you can try to contact me in AION or through the forums. I Will read all your posts. Take it easy all

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Calling all Chanters!
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