Welcome to the home of Hallowed, an Aion community on the server Kahrun. We are a mixed PvE and PvP Legion, with the main focus on progressing as a unit and experiencing all the game has to offer.
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 Donnelina, Gladiator extraordinaire

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PostSubject: Donnelina, Gladiator extraordinaire   Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:14 pm

Name: Donnelina.

Class: Gladiator!

Level: 13... 14 in a couple of minutes.

First of all, tell us a little about yourself. Age & location are good starting points, but feel free to add whatever you want.

My name is Dennis and Im 21, live in sweden for the moment which also happens to be the place where I was born.
Im a regular joe, not much exciting going on, work, study, sleep, drink beer, play aion (dumped crappy wow for this).

On to your character. What role & talent-spec do you normally play?

Hard question this one since Ive not played for that long, but in other games I usually play everything. I always brings what is needed, but since I just started this, I guess its gonna be Deepees.

What do you expect from us?

Fun, cooperative gameplay. If I wanted to play alone I would go play singeplayer games.

Mention some past MMOrpg experiences (E.G Raiding Experience etc)

Played alot of MMOs. SWG, EQ2, Daoc, Vanguard (wee bit), and ofc WoW. Mostly played WoW, always been in end-game raiding, since about 4 years now.

Do you currently know anyone in the legion? If so, who?

Dont know anyone in all of Aion... Im lonely... and cold.

PvP or PvE? And why. Both, but since I played WoW I only did PvE, PvP sucked big time. PvP in other games like SWG or Daoc was just amazing.

Tell us a funny joke.

wait a second... googling... got one! "Why did the paladin move to Brill...? He tought he was turning undead!" awesome...
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PostSubject: Re: Donnelina, Gladiator extraordinaire   Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:27 pm

Hey mate, accepted as my Gladiatorial Bitch ... i mean Trial... honest ...
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Donnelina, Gladiator extraordinaire
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