Welcome to the home of Hallowed, an Aion community on the server Kahrun. We are a mixed PvE and PvP Legion, with the main focus on progressing as a unit and experiencing all the game has to offer.
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 Sharc - Ranger

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PostSubject: Sharc - Ranger   Sat Oct 03, 2009 1:27 am







First of all, tell us a little about yourself. Age & location are good starting points, but feel free to add whatever you want.

Im 36 years old, working and living in Oslo. 3 kids and wife. Played mostly WoW since 2005 and raided around 3-5 days a week until i got bored with WoW and tried Age of Conan and Lotro. None of them was really my game so im hoping Aion might be it Smile

On to your character. What role & talent-spec do you normally play?

Well i mostly played WoW so was healer in vanilla WoW, then dps up to wotlk and prot in wotlk

What do you expect from us?

Im hoping for a fun group who has skill and good tactics in a cool way (without screaming, breaking keyboards, general immaturity. Im married with kids remember? I get that enough at home Very Happy )

Mention some past MMOrpg experiences (E.G Raiding Experience etc)

I played hunter and shaman first in WoW. Then warrior, first as dps in BC, then as prot in wotlk. Killed Kil'Jaeden in BC before wotlk
Going back to my roots now with my Ranger Razz

Do you currently know anyone in the legion? If so, who?

Nope, saw your add in general chat last night ^^

PvP or PvE? And why.

Both, but leaning towards PvP now since im a bit bored with WoW raiding

Tell us a funny joke.

Two cannibals were eating a clown. One of the cannibals says to the other: "Man, im not so sure about this one, he tastes funny!"
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PostSubject: Re: Sharc - Ranger   Sat Oct 03, 2009 3:19 am

Accepted as a trial
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Sharc - Ranger
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