Welcome to the home of Hallowed, an Aion community on the server Kahrun. We are a mixed PvE and PvP Legion, with the main focus on progressing as a unit and experiencing all the game has to offer.
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 Edas - Ranger

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PostSubject: Edas - Ranger   Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:01 pm

Name: Edas

Class: Ranger

Lvl: 20 (for now)

I'm 15 and i'm from surrey Smile (south-east england)

I'm normally a dps, played one in wow to.

I just want to have fun and meet some cool people

Wow Smile Did alot of raiding (80 mage)

Dont know anyone in legion Sad

I would probally say PvE But i'm a great lover of pvp to

Why did the Elephant Cross the road? Because it was the chickens day off!!! Sorry not very funny Razz
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Edas - Ranger
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